About us

My Tehran Dentist Clinic

1- English Speaking Staff: Both our dentists are raised in U.K. and have 25 years of clinical dental
experience from London and West Kent.

2- Local regulatory authority: All our 4 specialist dentists and our medical doctor are fully registered with the
general dental & medical councils. Two of our dentists have   European registrations as well.
Dr Esmaeli speaks fluent Farsi and Arabic ( Sundays and Thursdays )
Head Nurse Miss Nashmil speaks fluent Farsi and Kurdish.
Junior nurse Miss Katy Burova from Latvia speaks fluent Russian, English and Latvian !
Our other dentists speaks fluent English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Farsi and some Italian…

5- Services: We offer general as well as specialist dental treatment. ( Cosmetic and Restorative, Endodontics,
Orthodontics, Prosthodontics, and Periodontics as well as Implant dentistry).