Aesthetic crown

Update in January 11, 2024

Most dentistry we see in Iran looks like the same. Ours is different. We replace crowns and fillings using restoration that look and feel like your natural teeth. By having access to dental labs and ceramists overseas. our 2 British dentists have good communication and material access from both Denmark and the United Kingdom. All our dental materials whether filling materials or alloys are brought to the country by our dentists. The powder we use for our crowns, the alloys we use for our metal crowns fused to porcelain and all our filling materials is all being carried into the country by our dentists who work in the UK and Denmark 4-6 months a year. When the damage to the tooth is severe and beyond repair, we can use porcelain crowns to make your smile as new and vital.This extremely reliable technique gives you a complete smile and function bite.

Natural teeth 

We know our crowns whether cosmetic E.max or zirconia or simple PFM crowns will last 30 to 40 years regardless of the location in your mouth. This is a warranty no one will give in Iran or anywhere. The reason we can give such a bold warranty is the fact that all our products are being done by our Cercec 3 machines and have gone through a severe quality test before we cement them onto your teeth. Our Implants have a 100-year warranty as we only use the very best in the European markets. My Tehran Dentists makes no short cuts and that is the only reason we are on the list of British, Swiss and many other embassies medical and dental list.

Fitting a crown requires two visits to our practice. Initially, we will remove decay, reshape the tooth, and fit it with a temporary plastic crown for one week.

On the subsequent visit, we will take out the plastic temporary crown, and then fit the final crown to test. Finally, we will cement the crown onto your own tooth and you have a new beautiful looking tooth.




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