Choosing Dentist

Update in January 11, 2024

When you’re searching for a dentist, we recommend these suggestions:

  • Ask your family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers for their recommendations.
  • Ask your embassy if you are an expat in Iran .


Choosing Dentist

What Should You Look For When Choosing a Dentist?

You and your dentist will be oral health care partners; therefore, you should find a dentist you can be comfortable with. If you are an expat in Iran, then you may search the medical dental facility list of Iranian Doctors and Dentists on embassies list.

medical facilities
List of English Speaking Physicians in Tehran – EDA –

What are the office hours and can you attend the office in Tehran’s traffic?Is it convenient for your schedule?
Is the dental practice easy to get to from work or home?
Where was the dentist educated and trained? This plays an important role in Iran.
Does he speak proper English or other languages?
How often does the dentist attend conferences and continuing education workshops overseas?
What type of dental anesthesia is the dentist certified to administer to help you relax and feel more comfortable during any necessary dental treatment in Iran?
What arrangements are for dental emergencies outside of practice hours? A cell phone of dentist becomes very handy during holidays and Friday’s in Iran.
Is information provided about all fees and payment plans before treatment is scheduled?This can be seen on the website if they have any.
Does the dentist participate in your dental health plan and how many times?
My Tehran Dentist practitioners have over 20 years of clinical expertise from the United Kingdom .
If visiting a dentist’s office:

Does the Practice appear to be clean & orderly? Do all surfaces and equipment in the treatment room appear super clean?
Is the dental receptionist helpful and does she/he speak English and willing to answer your questions on time?
Do you observe the dentist and staff wearing gloves and other protective gear during treatment?
All above points are very important when choosing a dentist in Tehran.


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