Dental Abscess

Update in January 11, 2024

hen there is a cavity inside your teeth or if the tooth gets hurt or irritated, bacteria will enter inside the nerve and cause a dental infection. Sometimes it is associated with a painful swelling filled with pus (a thick, yellowish fluid). If the pus can not get drained automaticly , the area will get more swollen and painful for the patient. This is known as a dental abscess , visible to the naked eye. The abscess forms as a hard or soft barrier around the infection. This is the way that our body tries to keep a bacterial infection from spreading to the rest of the tissue in our mouth . Dental abscess must be treated immediately since they can cause severe problems both in the oral cavity but also to the rest of the body.

A dental abscess can be described as a collection of pus underneath the root or the roots, in the gums around the tooth, or in the surrounding bone that holds the teeth in place. It’s caused mainly by a bacterial infection that is primarily responsible for the abscess.

An abscess at the bottom of a tooth is called a ” periapical abscess”. An abscess in the gum is called a periodontal abscess which is best treated by a periodontist.

Dental abscesses are often quite painful, but not always. In either case, they should be examined by a specialist dentist. At My Tehran Dentist, we have a Root Canal specialist every Saturday and Monday offering state of the art Root Canal Therapy by Rotary Instruments such as RACE and PROTAPER, the leading systems in the USA.

It is very important to get dentist help as soon as possible because abscesses will not go away on its own. They will rarely spread to other parts of our body and make us very ill. Symptoms of an Abscessed Tooth:

Associated symptoms with dental abscesses are usually but not limited to:

Increased pain especially with chewing, Fever, sensitive teeth and a bad taste in the mouth. A field and bad smell is another factor with dental abscesses. Your glands around the oral cavity and neck might be swollen. General felling of illness, redness of the gums and the mouth both in the lower and upper jaw can be seen.

If the abscess opens up in the mouth, a Fistula can be detected.

Get immediate help by an Endodontic Specialist as soon a s you can.


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