Dental Cyst

Update in January 11, 2024

can spread quickly to the jaw and can cause sudden pain in the mouth very quickly.

But what is a dental cyst?

A cyst is a closed sac containing air and fluids. A collection of dental pus is called a dental abscess.Once formed only a surgical procedure can help to remove the cyst. Like any other part of the body, dental cysts have to be removed by a dental professional. This surgical procedure is called cyst enucleation.

A Dental Cyst could do the following:

A dental cyst can occupy a space in the jaw and can displace/replace tissues and cause bone loss and teeth loss if progressed. Dental cyst eats into adjacent teeth, causing them to come out of their normal alignment.Usually painless, they can expand in the jaw, leading to a swollen face. This slow progress is the reason why many patients do not know they have a dental cyst. A dental cyst can press the facial nerves and cause numbness of a part of the face.



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