Dental Implant in Iran  

Dental Implants in Tehran :

Here is a brief description of a dental implant . Your own tooth has a crown which we can see above the gum level and a root which is hidden and covered by your gums. When the tooth is mising in the mouth , a dental implant ( also called a fixture by the dentists ) can be inserted in the bone and take the role of the missing root. Thereafter a prosthetic crown replaces your natural crown !!

In 1965 the Swedish Doctor Branemark  placed the first dental implant on a voluteer patient.


               * We do the dental implants with the highest success rate using quality Swiss brands *

Losing a tooth is not a nice experience emotionally ,professionally or  for your Physical apperance .Obvious problems of poor damaged self esteem , missing teeth gives us loss of chewing ability and improper speech . Most people who have lost all their teeth are very difficult to understand .

Effectice way of replacing a tooth is dental implants since they substitute the missing roots . These highly effectice fixtures are designed to last forever because they are fused to your own jawbone and are not visble once placed . Dental implants can serve as an anchor for single crowns ,bridges or dentures. Dental implants are very close to our natural teeth and we can eat, smile ,speak confidently and enjoy our everyday life.


The world of oral implantology has experienced great acheivements with less invasive and more effective dental implant tecniques like my tehran dentist computer guided surgery .

We use a 3D image of your jaw bone to determine the quality , height and width of the bone we want to use for implants . With names like Straumann , Biohorizon , Friadent and Dentsply we garanty our implants for life.Call us on 26110052 to make an appointment with our english speaking implantologist from Denmark.