Dental Veneers & Laminates

Porcelain veneers are made of a thin ceramic layer which replace original tooth enamel . To apply a veneer a 1/2 mm reduction of original tooth is folowed by a very detailed impression . This thin reduction is essential to make room for the veneer so it looks natural and in line with patient's other teeth. A better appearance than the original teeth is always acheived by this procedure.  The bond between the porcelain laminate veneer and the tooth should be in enamel and not in dentin . It has been proven time and time again that dentin does not give us the best adhesion hence every effort needs to be done to finish the prep lines in the enamel. This bond is of great importance since it provides the esthetic perfection that both the dentist and the patient are after. A light sensitive resin is cured between the tooth and the porcelain veneer before the veneer cement is applied.


Porcleain veneers are used in many situations where the original tooth is discolored or has an inferior shape. It can also be used to increase the height or width of a tooth and reshaping the smile line to what is called "hollywood smile" these days. At My Tehran Dentist we strive to do each venner naturally so it does not show fake or too white . Some patients try to whiten their teeth with no good results and end up having dental veneers as well.

Advantages of getting dental veneer :

1- They provide natural tooth apperance

2-The gums tolerates and adopts to the porcleain very well , hence no dark edges are seen

3-Stain resistant and color match with existing teeth is easy to acheive .

4- More aestetic alternative to crowns with minimum shaving of the tooth.

Downside to Veneers :

Veneers are more costly that ordinary crowns .Patients are advised not to chew on pencils , nails or ice .The veneers last 10 to 20 years depending on each case and can be easily replaced . Dental veneers do not require any special care and can be bruhed and flossed normally.