Dentist in Iran

Update in January 11, 2024

My Tehran Dentist is a premier Dental Practice near the Swedish , Norwegian and  Italian garden in Farmanie , Tehran providing comprehensive specialized dental services to expats and dual Iranians coming to Iran to visit. We are on the list of many European Embassy Medical / Dental Facility in Tehran since two of our Doctors are raised in United Kingdom and have a combined 25 years of clinical expereience from London and West Kent. Our modern dental practice has created a special mark in the field of Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry , Endodontics , Implant Dentistry and Pediatric treatment . Armed with our own Labaratory the Dental lab has become the pioneer provider of Cosmetic Veneers , Dental Laminates and Lab made Inlays and Onlays. Our passion for Dentistry has made us the an enviable place in dental industry , making us the trusted Practice for  expats living in Iran .

True to its reputation our practice has expanded to include 6 Dental Specialities as well as General Dentistry . Our highly trained Dentists and hygienists have served over 1300 foreign nationals since 2002 . Our finest assembled team of Dentists and Specialized clinicians provide the best Dental care one can get in Iran .Please contact our office on 26110052 or send us an email in English , Danish , Swedish , Norwegian or Farsi .



We understand how daunting it is to go to a dentist in a foreign country , which is why we aim to make you fell at home . Whether it is a stunning white set of pearly teeth or just plain general dentistry. Our holistic way of dentistry combined with latest technology from Denmark and United Kingdom has given us the highest sense of dental excellence and patient comfort .An excellent dental provider always starts with the right diagnosis and treatment planing for the patients. Our clinical examination with our digital image capture machines provides our patients with the right information they require to make an informed decisions about their dental needs. Our dentists graduated from Kings College of London and University of Copenhagen have a combined 25 years of clinical expertise in restorative dentistry.


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