Dr. Hossein Tabatabaee

Dr. Hossein tabatabaee was born in Tehran on 7 th of Mordad 1346 (1967).
He spent his primary school in Tehran and at age 12 due to his father’s profession immigrated to japan.
Between 1978 to 1986 he spent his middle and high school years studying in one of the most prestigious schools in Japan called saint Mary’s international school and graduated top of his class .
In year 1987 he immigrated to United States to peruse his studies in temple university located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.
He studied in the field of microbiology and organic chemistry and his high performance got him accepted in one of the most prestigious dental schools in United States , Boston university school of dental medicine located in Boston Massachusetts.
He spent four full years studying in Boston university and obtained his degree as the doctor of dental medicine in 1997.
He then immediately got accepted into a highly competitive program called advanced standing specializing in general dentistry in Boston university and obtained the top graduate title upon completion in 1998.
During this year , Dr.tabatabaee realized his area of passion for field of endodontics ( root canal treatment ) .
Upon applying for specialty of endodontics , he got accepted into one of the best and most competitive endodontics programs in United States at Boston university post graduate endodontics program in 2000.
He then graduated from endodontic specialty program as a root canal specialist as the top graduate in year 2002 .

After completion of his studies and obtaining 3 degrees in the field , Dr.tabatabaee spent 12 years practicing as an endodontist in private practice in Boston and an additional 12 years practicing in private practice in Manhattan New York .He then decided to come to Iran and continue to dedicate his expertise and clinical skills in root canal treatment to the people of his own country .


  • Obtained high school diploma in Tokyo, Japan from private school, St. Mary’s International school, year 1986.
  • Got Accepted to Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Pursued a degree in Organic Chemistry and Microbiology, year 1987.
  • Graduated from Boston University School of Dental Medicine with a degree of Doctor of Dental Medicine, year of 1997.
  • Spent a full year in Advanced training and obtained a degree of Advanced Education in General Dentistry from Boston University, year of 1998
  • Got Accepted in an extremely competitive program in the United State of America for specializing in root canal treatment ( Endodontics) in Boston University,

Graduated in 2002 with a degree of Root Canal Specialist. 

. 12 years of private practice in the field of Endodontics in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
. 12 years of Private practice in the field of Endodontics in Manhattan, New York, USA.