Dentistry in Iran

Update in January 11, 2024

Iran requires six years of post secondary education.It is quite difficult to enter the public funded universities and alot easier to get to the Azad ( free uni ) . The  program is called  degree of D.D.S. (Doctor of dental surgery). After this, those wishing to get a masters and specialize in a particular field may pursue higher education if places are available . This is usually 1-2 spots every year in each university.. Upon graduation, a dentist  needs to fulfill  years of military service or governmental service(both males and females) in order to collect enough medical scores to start in private practice.Obviously getting a permit to start a practice in Tehran is much harder than lets say a small rural area.

The current 2 universities offering Dentistry in Tehran that are well known are :

My Tehran Dentist practitioners have studied in United Kingdom and have many years of clinical expertise

from United Kingdom .



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