E-Max Veneer

Update in January 11, 2024

  • We always recommend e.max veneers when people ask us for a smile makeover.We can change as little or as much with this thin (1/4 to 1/5 mm ) pressed ceramic with this all ceramic, metal-free material that will last you for decades. Our first meeting with a cosmetic case is always a discussion about patients needs to be followed by an impression of their teeth for study models, shade taking and planning the smile line design.This treatment plan which usually takes 20 minutes to half an hour helps us to determine if e.max veneers are the right choice. 90 % of cosmetic work done at My Tehran Dentist is done using e.max press technology because of strength, durability, and vitality of the material.


E.max can be done using our Cerec machine as little as one day while the handcrafted ceramist specialist takes 10 days to make them. No need to say that the cosmetic aspects of a trained ceramist are superior to a machine. We have therefore used the Cerec only for inlays and outlays of back teeth where cosmetics is not that of an issue.




E.max is a major breakthrough in cosmetic dentistry. One reason behind this is a combination of its high aesthetics and superior strength it has compared with feldspathic veneers. The all ceramic crowns and veneers made from E.max are natural-looking and contain no metal. Depending on the design you want to make, we will work with you to select the best option whether it be crowns, veneers or any other restoration.

E.max technology can help with:
Discolored and stained teeth
Crooked teeth, mild crowding
Chipped or cracked teeth by wear and tear or accidental trauma
Decayed teeth, that needs to be restored
Older dental work utilizing metal that needs replacement
Shape or form of teeth that you are unhappy with
Below are some photos of Emax veneers



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