Fractured Tooth

Update in January 11, 2024

A crack in a tooth can extend vertically down towards the root. If the tooth is not seperated into smaller pieces , you might be able to treat the crack by going to the dentist. A very early visit to a dental practice is of great importance when it comes to a crack in order to save the tooth from splitting. If the crack has extended into the pulp chamber, then the tooth must be treated with a root canal treatment and a dental crown needs to be fabricated to protect the tooth crack from spreading.

Sometimes a dental crack extends below the gum level , this is not treatable and the tooth needs to be taken out by the dentist.That is why we recommend an early diagnosis and that is why going early to the dentist is so important.

Split Tooth 

A cracked tooth progression will result in a split tooth. The tooth has moving segments and is easily diagnosed by the dentist. It is impossible to save a split tooth entirely.The position of the crack and how large it is, determines whether any portion of the tooth can be saved. It some cases a dental root canal will be performed while in others ( molar teeth ) endo treatment is combined with a hemisection of the tooth.

Fractured cusp

When the chewing surface of the tooth breaks off, it is called a fractured cusp which is on the top of the tooth surface. It rarely affects the nerve and is not associated with any pain or discomfort.We can place a small white filling on top of the fractured cusp to protect it from breaking down.

Never place ointments or medication on the fractured tooth but try to arrange to see your dentist asap.
How to avoid dental fractures and split tooth?
We can only take steps to make our teeth less susceptible to cracks.
Do not chew on very hard objects such as hard candies, ice unpopped popcorn or pens, and pencils!
Treat your teeth with a mouth guard or a nightguard if you grind your teeth
If you clench or grind your teeth during sleep, talk to your dentist about taking an impression for getting a soft 1mm retainer or another mouthguard to protect your teeth from a split.
Wearing a professional mouthguard or protective mask when playing contact sports is also a clever idea.




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