Guide for dental Braces

Update in January 11, 2024

Dealing with braces, brackets, wires can be a pain. They can be hard to clean and you won’t be able to eat everything you like. However, if you learn the best ways to care for them, you will keep your mouth healthy and your braces free of any problems. Your orthodontist will teach you how to brush and clean between braces.

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Pay good attention to him and try to ask any questions you might have. Using mouthwash and the interdental brush is a good way to keep them bacteria free. Chewing gums and toffee-like candies must be avoided at any cost. Chewing on very hard foods like hard carrots and apples is not a good idea. the brackets might debond from the tooth, making you go to see the dentist one extra time. My Tehran Dentist Orthodontist will show you everything about orthodontic hygiene.


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