Orthodontics or Dental Veneers

Update in January 11, 2024


Although dental veneers are a great way of improving your smile, not all cases are alike and some patients require orthodontic treatment.

Here is a few point to consider:

Dental Braces certainly get the job done and straight the teeth for most people, but braces also cover your teeth in metal as they straighten out your smile for many months. Newer inventions like Invisalign or clear braces in orthodontia have advanced the field and gave birth to products like this but most people can not afford Invisalign or clear braces. Some of the newer braces called six months orthodontics can straighten teeth faster, but it might still take up to nine months or a year. Dental Veneers, on the other hand, instantly change the appearance of your teeth in less than two weeks.


We need a mold of your teeth as a study model so we can discuss the case with our very own dental ceramist specialist from Germany. While there is a considerable time spent for orthodontic treatment, the veneer process is straight forward and gives the look of that Hollywood smile many are seeking. If you are a committed patient and can have orthodontic braces for up to 2 years then that treatment should be the first choice. Dental veneers or laminates can come at the later stage when the teeth are in line and need a pearly white cosmetic cover to make them even more stunning.

Orthodontics or Dental Veneers


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