Orthodontist Dentist Tehran

Update in January 11, 2024

Our Orthodontist at My Tehran Dentist comes with 25 years of expertise and many thousands of patients who experienced his advanced modern treatments.Dr. Hassan Salehi combines his expertise to ensure that every patient gets the best treatment and a journey to achieving a beautiful straight smile line.



Dr Salehi Dr Salehi 





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Dr. Salehi only uses the very best Orthodontic wires, brackets one can get in USA and Germany. All his treatments aim to correct every possible orthodontic problem including severe crowding, gaps, over and under bites as well as twisted teeth. He is dedicated to providing excellence in Orthodontics combined with general and cosmetic dentistry. With our orthodontist and his wonderful support and the soothing environment at My Tehran Dentist in the north Tehran area near the Norwegian, Swedish and the Italian garden, we aim to give you the best of orthodontics .


The practice is listed on the British, Swiss and many other embassies list of medical and dental providers in Iran. Dr sale qualified as an Orthodontist back in 1992 and has the specific interest in treating children and adults without the use of extractions. His management of complex multi-disciplinary cases and teaching has been an asset to the practice for many years. Dr. Salehi is certified for both Invisalign and clear brackets and the ‘Win’ lingual brace system ( behind the teeth ) and believes that Orthodontics means more than just straight teeth; it is where Art meets Science and beauty.


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