Pain Management in Teeth

Update in January 11, 2024

  • There are several ways to manage pain at home or at the dentist office. Topical anesthetics, when applied with a small swab, can numb the area where the injection will be done. We use benzocaine 20% at MyTehran Dentist practice which numbs the entire surface of the gum before administration of the anesthetics.The most common one we use is Lidocaine, Citanest, Dentanest and Xylocaine..

  • Using fastest electric drills and laser drills with the top of the line dental burs all made in USA from Kommet Dental has helped our patients greatly. The drilling process is almost noiseless and no vibration is felt by the patients. This gives us more freedom to work on our patients quickly, bring the chair time to a minimum. Our patients love our new technology and send us new patients all the time.
    Electronically delivered anesthesia, an alternative to normal injection, also called wand has helped the practice to treat patients with the extreme dental phobia.
    Other forms of sedation are intravenous sedation, general sedation and use of Nitrogen Oxide gas, also called the laughing gas which we use at our practice in Denmark.With IV sedation, the patient is awaked but very relaxed and the patient usually can not remember the dental process.
    Oral medication like Halcion, works on the brain to help patients relax.
    General anesthesia. We can put the patient to sleep using this technique during the whole process.Patients requiring this technique will be referred to our other location but one of our dentists will be performing the dental work. This place is a dental practice in a hospital setting in central Tehran. We monitor the patients for few hours after the dental work for any side effects etc. We do not recommend this sort of treatment as it is both time consuming and expensive.
    Please call the practice for a visit by one of our dentists from the United Kingdom , Denmark or Sweden.


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