Root Canal Treatment

Millions of teeth are being saved by root canal treatment daily worldwide. If your dentist or root canal specialist has told you about a possible root canal, you are better off to listen to them. Untreated teeth that need root canal leads to a dental abscess and extractions.

Inside our tooth, under what we call enamel and dentin, there is pulp. In this pulp, we have blood vessels as well as nerves and some other tissue we call connective tissues.This small but complicated structure is partly responsible for the growth of teeth and roots during child's teeth development.

Root Canal Treatment

  • When the root size is completed then the tooth does not need the pulp for its development and can be easily nourished by the tissues surrounding it. Contrary to what people think a dental root canal treatment is quite easy these days and is done in one session using digital X-rays, apex locator and rotary equipment that have taken this previously very difficult procedure to the new level. A root canal specialist can treat infected or inflamed teeth in less than an hour. A usual tenderness is common right after the treatment for one day since the tooth has to accept the new treatment. Most roots canaled teeth in our practice will have a white filling such as composite filling or glass ionomer, Not all these teeth have to be crowned. You will have a comfortable experience during and after this treatment by our endo specialist "Dr. Anaraki "who has never had a complaint about pain from his patients after they leave the practice. Dr. Anaraki gentle hands have been an asset to the practice, giving other clinicians the possibility to work on the same tooth usually the same day. Save your natural tooth with a root canal because of the advantages below:

No chewing problems ith your current bite

Biting force and biting technique is the same as before ( sensation )

Natural look of the tooth is filled with a white filling

Protects the other teeth from elongation, tilting, excessive wear or strain