Tooth Eruption

Update in January 11, 2024

The eruption of Children’s teeth starts at 6 Months old. The first teeth to erupt are the lower incisors and then the laterals. These teeth play an important role in the development of child’s mouth hence a dental visit at age one-year-old is really beneficial to the oral health of a child. At my Tehran dentist, we are lucky to have Pediatric Dentists educated in the United Kingdom. Dr. Sharifi has spent 4 years of treating the most difficult cases in London and have gained real case clinical experience with children. A growing sense of familiarity with the dentist’s office is necessary for small children and that is why we encourage families to bring their kids for an initial check up.



Fluoride is one of the tools we use to defend children’s teeth to help prevent tooth decay in Tehran hence the application of fluoride on primary as well as Permanent teeth will be a good idea.The fluoride works in 2 ways. One is topical fluoride that strengthens teeth after the eruption by seeping into outer surface of the tooth enamel. The other is to use a small amount of fluoride after scale and polish on children.

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The Fluoride is a mineral that is available in most foods and drinks.Topical application will help Children’s teeth under eruption and after the eruption. The other method is the application of fissure sealant that fills inside the pits and fissure of permanent as well as primary teeth.



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