Treating Tooth Ache

Update in January 11, 2024

Below are the most common teeth problems we see at my Tehran dentist.

Patients come to us sometimes after a dental trauma. The presence of discomfort when chewing on a traumatized tooth might be a problem of the nerves. A discomfort that awakes the patient or occurs randomly at different times, not associated with chewing is more serious and a good signal to see a dentist as soon as possible. In smaller children who are unable to speak, look for signs such as refusal to eat . Mobility after a trauma is normal and should heal within few days or so. If the tooth becomes loose and more mobile, there could be a problem and an investigation by the pediatric dentist is necessary. This might be even affecting the roots of the permanent teeth underneath hence an x-ray by the dentist will be a good idea. In some cases, a pulpotomy might be the treatment of the choice while in other cases a simple filling will take care of the problem. The color change can occur in primary teeth after a trauma.This can vary from gray to yellow or dark brown. We do not carry any treatment at my Tehran dentist pediatric dentistry for discolored baby teeth unless there are other symptoms involved. A monthly monitoring after the incident is usually enough.In adult teeth, a discoloration indicates a pulp is dead and a root canal might be necessary. Abscess looks like a pimple or a gum boil around the tooth that is infected.In primary teeth, it indicates an extraction while in adults it is a sign for a root canal treatment.A x-ray is necessary to see the bone under the gum and the spread of the infection.

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