Treatment without pain

Update in January 11, 2024


Not going to the dentist by finding excuses to put off your dental appointment. Most of us hate going to the dentist and 1/3 of people only go when they have serious problems. Poor oral hygiene leads to serious problems such as heart disease and stroke. Some cancers are dental originated so a dental visit once or twice a year is a must.

Treatment without pain

Here we give you some reasons to come and see us:

We have been practicing dentistry for 23 years and have over 20 years of clinical expertise from the United Kingdom , Denmark, Ireland, and Sweden.

We are on the list of many European embassies in Tehran. Please visit the British & Swiss website below.

Iran – List of Medical Facilities

List of English Speaking Physicians in Tehran – EDA –

So give us a call if you planning to be going to the dentist in Iran and need to see a kind dentist in Tehran because you suffer from dental phobia.


Treatment without pain2



The best way to control your dental fear is to come clean at the dentist. Tell us how you feel and we take every possible precaution to give you a pleasant experience. Call and ask us your questions. It will give you a good idea of how well we treat our patients. Ask the receptionist about dentist lunch break and talk to us directly about your concerns. You might be surprised how kind and understanding your visit will be. I hear so many times a day, am I the worst mouth you have seen? The answer is obviously not. It might not even be the worst mouth we see today!

In many cases, you can say goodbye to noisy drills and large needles. With or own electric high-speed handpieces that have almost no vibration and a very low noise combined with non-invasive laser dentistry we have taken the fear of the dentist away from our patients. This two very modern technology eliminates the need for the shot, so no painful and fear-inducing objects are necessary. There’s also no waiting for the uncomfortable numbness to start. Patients may undergo several treatments at once, instead of having to make multiple visits to the dental practice office. By using a laser, rather than a traditional drill, we are able to save more of the surrounding tooth structure which is very beneficial and noninvasive. Using bonded dentistry creates a better bonding surface, so the filling lasts longer. We have treated 1000’s of patients using these techniques with a 100% success rate and patients not feeling any discomfort during or after treatment.

We have seen patients taking a nap during our treatments

As in any good relationship, honesty is the best policy for us. Try and make an honest relationship with the dentist and ask them to call you every six months for a check-up. There are high chances that only a routine exam is waiting for you and a possible scale and polish. We are a premier dental facility in Tehran and very affordable. Give us a call today and ask for our UK dentists to talk to. Our numbers are 26110052 and 26110053. We are open 9 to 7 pm.

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