Dental Crowns

Update in January 11, 2024

A dental crown covers or caps a damaged or fractured tooth by strengthening it and improve its appearance at the same time. It can also reshape or align the tooth and can be used to be placed on top of an implant .Porcelain , zirconia , E-max or porcelain fused to precious metal crown and can be matched to look exactly like your own teeth .



We recommend a crown to:

Replace large fillings when there isn’t enough tooth remaining to support the bite forces.
Protect a weak tooth from fracturing if the tooth is heavily filled
Restore a weak tooth that has been previously fractured
Attach a dental bridge
Cover a dental implant by the use of an abutment
Cover a discolored, poorly shaped or fractured tooth
Cover a tooth that has had root canal treatment and is fragile
to align a tooth that needs minimum reshaping.


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