Gummy Smile

Update in January 11, 2024

Teeth, gums, and lips should all be properly proportionate when we smile.An attractive smile can be affected by an excess of gum tissue growth over the teeth. This excess tissue can be very small or in some stances much larger than desired. This excess gum can be localized to only one tooth or be excessive around all teeth. At my Tehran dentist, we pay attention to gummy smile when doing our prosthetic crowns, laminates, veneers and implants. We dont let the gummy smile ruin our treatment and we restore the smile line with the right treatment.

We have helped so many young men & women from all walks of life with this issue. Our expertise in correcting gummy smiles is known to all our patients who has gone under our cosmetic treatment. We make personalized recommendations to each patient after evaluating your smile so we can suggest a procedure to eliminate the excess tissue or treat discolored gums.

Most gummy smiles treatment are done very quickly with our laser within 20 minutes. No pain or bleeding is associated with the procedure. We offer non-invasive and small surgical treatments with unparalleled results. If you think you are a candidate for a gummy smile correction or if you are unhappy about he size of your gums, we can evaluate your gums to make sure they are healthy before any treatment given.

We provide a solution that will work for all our patients. Contact our office today at 26110052 to learn more about how we can give you the smile that you want.

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