Primary Teeth Infection

Update in January 11, 2024

Baby teeth are the first 20 teeth that children get prior to having the permanent 32 teeth. Primary teeth are very important when it comes to chewing and speech developments of your child as well as nutrition for their body. A good nutrition comes from chewing the food properly. Another scope of baby teeth is ” saving space ” responsibility. These baby teeth are actually keeping the space for future adult teeth hence extraction of these primary teeth leads to insufficient space in the jaw and orthodontics in later life. The front four primary teeth are present until age 6 to 7 while the back ones are in the mouth until 10 to 13 years of age.

Embryology: Children teeth form before birth and can be effected by many various reasons under mothers pregnancy.The first teeth to erupt come between 6 to 10 months old.These are the lower incisors. All twenty teeth are present before age 3 but usually at 24 months old. The pace and order of eruption can be different from one child to the other.

Watch out for these symptoms:

Swelling, discomfort, mobility, fever, color change, abscess are all symptoms that are quite important following a trauma or infection in a primary tooth. Take your child to the dentist if you see any of these symptoms.


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